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[ATOMY ONLINE ACADEMY] Auto Sales Master by Jadick Lai STM

March 26, 2020

I ’ll introduce myself. My name is Jadick. I ’m from Johor Bahru. The topic I want to share with you today is the automatic sales master The first question is, if there is no Atomy, everyone What is the result if there is no Atomy in your life So if you’ve done something in Atomy, you’ll say this word. Is that if you do n’t have Atomy in your life, You can imagine so much present, you witnessed so much yesterday What would life be like without Atomy I don’t talk about others i just talk about me Without Atomy, I would be a Grab Car Driver today You ca n’t listen to a Grab Car Driver here right But because of Atomy, my life is different You guys, do n’t you believe in Atomy, your life will be different Do you believe Not very convinced, right? Can you imagine how you would be in 10 years without Atomy? If you are a part-time friend, if you don’t have Atomy I’m imagining a picture. Ten years later, I might be a look like this right Will we continue working part time in ten years? So I want to ask everyone if today If we do n’t choose Atomy, Do not choose to change Do not choose to succeed Do you want to be like this in ten years? Right? If not Are we going to do something now I’m talking seriously. Why? Why did you ask this question at the beginning Because i found Do you know the biggest difference between the success of many people and the failure of many people? The biggest difference is that he is not painful enough Because he didn’t think he was still the same 10 years later I’ll imagine it for you now If you still like this in ten years, you still don’t have enough money. Does it make sense Will it be heavy? I want to ask you a question how many days in life The first 100,000 days, the second 50,000 days, the third 30,000 days How many days do you think of life The average life expectancy of a male is 72 years 365 times 72 equals 26,282 days eh, 280 days Females are only 27,000 days at the age of 75 So basically everyone will not exceed 27,000 days eh,will not exceed 30,000 days Because we are not zero years old now Even if you live to be 100 years old, you won’t exceed 30,000 days. Everyone, 30,000 days Have you thought about 30,000 days long or short Short In this short life What are you going to do to make a difference in your life How many percent you are willing to use to change it during these 30,000 days, and make your 30,000 days go well If I talk to you in a place called Atomy You are willing to spend 3 to 5 days Is about three years You can change your life, change the life of your family, change the fate of your family Would you like to? Is there a big difference between you three years ago and you three years later? If you do Atomy, it will be a big difference. If you don’t do anything now, you may be like that photo in three years But I want to talk about how Atomy started entering Malaysia three years ago. Within three years, Atomy created this group in Malaysia Who are this group of people Participant of the three-month Auto Sales Master Workshop Auto Sales Master Workshop is the representative. If Auto Sales Master What Auto Sales Master stands for Representative annual income of more than 100,000 Everyone, if you work for Diploma Degree, can you work for more than 100,000 a year? Rarely Even if you want more than 100,000, you have to work for several years Will it be more than three years Yes But these people did these things in less than three years at Atomy Their lives have changed. There are 121 automatic sales masters here. There is another person who was three years ago Ah, this is Grab Car Driver OK three years ago he was like that, but three years later he become this When I do Grab Car three years ago, I made about RM2,000 a month. But now as Royal Leader Club Member A month’s income is more than 40 times In other words, I ’m doing one year at Atomy, and I ’ve been doing it for 40 years. What can you do in 40 years The point is 40 years 4 3 12 almost 10,000 days It took me three years in Atomy to exchange for me. Is it worth it Why did i do this Because i have a secret Who wants to be a master of automatic sales? It ’s different. Give yourself applause. So today there are so many people who want to become automatic sales masters, I will tell everyone the secret. So to become an automatic sales master First you have to know why you want to be an automatic sales guru So I just shared it with you If we don’t change today, how long will we change If we don’t change today, 10 years later we will be the same as now, can you accept No, but if you change today you are a perfect winner Not just in your circle of friends in your life You will get a lot of improvement in all aspects of you I want to tell you that the person who took a photo next to Kancil just now I told you before that no one saw him But now everyone sees him Even on my Facebook Even at my aunt’s house, relatives and friends, I rarely contact them. My friends and my mom told me eh You have been very hot recently My dad works in the factory and tells me you have someone tell me that your child is Jadick, isn’t it? I didn’t talk to my dad But he knows that everyone knows that his child is Jadick So your success will be here, Atomy Become an Auto Sales Master Your life is completely different OK, how do you become an automatic sales master? We need to know how to become a sales master I believe everyone present should know Become a sales master we have several cycles a month for everyone to qualify Two? Right 1st to 15th or 16th to end of the month So 15 days As long as there are on your left 2.5 million 2.5 million on the right You become a sales master Is that each of your cycles is qualified 2.5 million 2.5 million You become an automatic sales master When you become an automated sales guru Your monthly income will be as high as 8000 to 15,000 Everyone, 8,000 to 15 thousand? sure It ’s okay if you do n’t get 8 to 15 thousand. So good, if you can, I’ll tell you what to do Of course to be an automatic sales master, we have to check ourselves first OK, so to become an automatic sales master, we must have an automatic consumer network, right? Let me tell you, if you are at Atomy, if you have a solid consumer network, you can live without worry forever. OK, what is a solid consumer network? First, are you a big fan of Atomy products? is it I don’t need to talk about this anymore. The second one will buy the products for themselves The third one will register a member by themselves Name IC Phone Address email Five things You just need to be like this, and then come to the fourth, the fifth and I will share Will you share Ah, many people are not very good at it Wait, I will teach you why should I talk about this 4 things Today, if you want to be successful in Atomy, you must master it first. If any of the questions just now You have one of these 4 questions Don’t talk about you as a sales master first Can you do these four things first? sure Let me tell you something When I was in Indonesia, I realized Actually, only 4 things are needed to make Atomy. Um, recently in Indonesia, there is a sales master What about this sales master? He knew him before he started at Atomy At that time, when he came to do Atomy, he was not crazy. He just feels coming This is a housewife I have forgotten how many children Oh so how many children i don’t know but I know this Auntie. She is very hardworking. She ’s in Indonesia now. She sells kuih. OK, what about Auntie? she encountered a product at that time, this product is called Essential Oil Patch OK, she has her baby. The baby was hurt then. fell down and hurt baby feet. As far as the doctor is concerned, Then she heard that the patch of the essential oil was good Just paste like that, not sure how long and then Once, they went to the beach for the whole family Isn’t the child excited when they sees the beach? So her child should be sitting there. But her child suddenly jumped up when he saw the beach. Then her mother was scared Why is this Later I learned that the original oil patch helped her child a lot OK, it ’s probably the story of this, but if you listen to her, you may cry Oh, so what he loves about Atomy ’s essential oil patch Has reached a very crazy level So she continued to share with others through the patch of essential oils. It ’s just sharing, sharing, and then we ’ll tell him, you have to learn to sell your own products. You have to learn to register yourself. You have to learn to share. Let me tell you about this Auntie It ’s the sharing. Until now this Auntie has more than 20,000 members This Auntie is now an Auto Sales Master Ok so are these things important Will it be difficult, everyone Will it be difficult OK, so if you master the methods just now Now i want to call you the second step The second step is how to become an automated sales master Our boss told us that at Atomy you want to be an automatic sales guru 50 users on your left 50 family lovers on the right Why 50? Just now we talked about how much it takes to be an automatic sales master. 2.5 million 2.5 million PV OK on the right If you have a group of 50 Family on your left There are 50 families on the right, why are there 2.5 million, and do a math problem with everyone Do we have a lot of products at Atomy? What is the best selling product what The best seller is HemoHIM, right? OK, the best selling Atomy is HemoHIM, so if you are a user, will you eat HemoHIM How much is HemoHIM? Ah, because the user did n’t buy a box, right? Lovers must buy 200 thousand OK This is HemoHIM 200 thousand Since it is a user, do you want to wash your face? Is my face ok? Because I’m hardworking OK It was 3 o’clock yesterday. I was still making faces. My roommate saw me a little strange because he was a man. Beauty What did you say about beauty? What is the best of Atomy beauty products Absolute Absolute 130 thousand is just 100 thousand OK because not everyone uses Absolute Right, but like me, I use Absolute, except for Absolute. I use Lady Mask every day and sometimes Seven Solution Mask Occasionally use Peeling Gel eh Peeling Peel off Mask Do we have three Masks? Ok then what do you use Like me, I ’m going to use Glow base. I need sunscreen. BB Cushion. Okay oh so will these things add up to more than 100 thousand OK, I ’ll just talk about these two. I have n’t included other daily necessities. How much are these three and two things together? 300 thousand, if I talk about spending a month, will it be too exaggerated? It ’s a bit exaggerated, right? If I talk about a Family and spend 300 thousand with you in 3 months, can you? Yes, how many cycles are three months? 6 cycles So how much is a cycle 50 thousand PV Right? Let ’s talk about the 50 families on the left and the 50 families on the right. 2.5 million PV, so your automatic sales master did it, right? Can you? Come applause Let me tell you why you should count this thing, because you can do it. OK so you just need to know how many goals you have eh The target is how many on the left How many on the right 50 Automatic sales not sales consumers OK, so how is this calculated? About us to be masters of automated sales, I found that Actually, I ’ve shared this with my previous Auto Sales Master at Channel Atomy. But today there is a little upgraded version Oh, because many people still ask me Jadick I’m looking for 50, but I’m looking for it. Oh, today I will tell you the key to development Target everyone, I would like to ask everyone today when you were working on Atomy When you really want to develop Atomy, who do you look for first? Are you looking for someone to do first or someone to use first? Really, many people tell me Jadick, I keep looking It ’s been a long time, no one has to do it Then tell me Jadick, I’m looking for many people, many people tell me not to do it Then tell me not to do it together why Everyone, is it easy to find someone If it was easy to find, I would have been there already Isn’t that easy to find? So many people, let me tell you Today you need to figure out what you are looking for. Consumers If you look for the operator from the beginning, he will ask you a question You talked about how good Amy is, how much money do you make a month? Right how will you answer It does n’t matter how much I earn right So I tell you this question is too difficult to answer So in order to solve everyone ’s troubles, don’t ask him to do it. If you call home cheap and easy to use, will it be easier? So our target has to figure out what you are looking for today is 50 consumers I didn’t ask you to find 50 operators today, right? OK, so the first point is to figure out, so what we are sharing today is Consumer OK So today if you figure out the object, the second one How to share How to share Many people tell me about Jadick again I also told others I asked him how many people you were looking for and he said I found 20 or 30 Then they did n’t buy anything Is this a problem? I asked him a question, this question is when you share with him Excuse me, did you give him a trial product His answer is no So, because I didn’t try it, do you feel it? So let me tell you even I am a Starlight Master today You can find in my bag at least 3 products OK, the products in my bag have changed recently. What ’s changed? One is an essential oil patch, but it ’s a must. And recently, I put that 3 second magic water Do you see a little V on my face? Ah, there is no way, because my face has become swollen recently, I have to spray more So when you see someone, just spray him OK What else? And that chewing spray because I like spraying more. So just put a little more and spray it, spray it OK Can you see So, I want to tell you if you want to share today The way to share should be curiosity Why i like to take spray Because you just psssssss will people notice Oh now i noticed ok Is that we want to arouse curiosity, right? Every time I share it again, every time I drink tea with my friends half way, I will wait Does he talk about it? I want to eat vitamin C I’ll ask him to eat one. After asking him to eat one, I’ll ask him if it’s delicious. If you eat my vitamin C, do you dare say it ’s not tasty? I ’m sure it ’s delicious. I ’ll tell you if it ’s delicious. I bought this in the Shopping mall in Korea After joining, you can buy it by yourself. Is it okay? So it takes 1 hour to talk about Atomy Just 5 minutes, ok? The less you talk, the more interested he is Because he wants to know you do n’t tell him, is it like this? You can take it off a little bit, right? So, let me tell you, in the beginning, it ’s good Then we have to take something very special to attract her Do you know Is n’t this just going away? The realm is a bit high. OK So I think the most important thing to share is this The main problem I can tell you is that he did n’t try OK if he has already tried it, I suggest everyone if today If you share Atomy with your friend for the first time, you also give him to test the product. What do you want to do after this Closing right What happens if you don’t do Closing Why not, if you finished talking to him today, you did n’t let him buy some products right away. Or he did n’t register for him immediately, buy it online, send it online, Everyone, what would you like to tell him next time? Do it again? Do you know what you are going to do next time you ask him Right, so to save you time and trouble, please sell it to him for the first time Because you sold it to him for the first time. He bought a toothbrush and a toothpaste. Next time you have no reason to Service him There is a reason. Eh, You took our toothbrush that day. Do you remember to use it? Will it be used? Is it comfortable? Right? You have a reason to go to Service. If you did n’t sell it to him, would you call him to do it? Let me have some tea for you Really? Is Closing the first time? Whoever does Closing for the first time, you can do it well. If you do n’t raise your hand, you haven’t done it yet. How to share OK, come again, what is the third Speed, ​​Many people told me that he wants to be an automatic sales master Everyone, do you want to be an automatic sales master? I want to ask you a question, how long do you plan to be an automatic sales master? Immediately, huh, huh, huh But I want to talk about it. Many people don’t give themselves a clear time. If you are an automatic sales master for 3 years today, can you? But I want to ask you, do you want to use it for 3 years Basically it won’t. He sees you as fast as he can, right? Yeah so if you do well today, do you want to be in the shortest time Do your best So the automatic sales master is a very important threshold As long as you become an automatic sales master in Atomy, are you afraid that it will not affect people? Can I get RM10,000 a month out? Oh i heard that white hair yesterday our master rose shared with us He tells me how he affects people. When I see people every month, I go and show them the Income. Ah, you get too much Need to talk a lot, because you want others to do this business, do you have to show others a testimony of success? Make him a testimony of success, right? So, we must do it quickly. Hurry up with automatic sales master Let me share with you what the speed is, Teacher Meiping, who shared yesterday OK, dean of the conservatory, I remember she told me at the beginning, I set a goal for myself Every month I must Recruit Sponsor 30 people OK How long did he do it? As far as I know, he did it for 3 consecutive months Have you continued? I have n’t followed up to Sorry yet, but I want to talk If you do it for 3 months and 30 people, what will happen If I bring you Recruit in today, after a month, you look at your organization 诶 30 people after 2 months 诶 60 people after 3 months 100 100 people Will you burn it, will you do it? This is called speed. Let me tell you where to find someone to do today. Why Jadick didn’t tell me exactly how to find someone to do it The people to do are in your organization 50 50 Why do I talk about it, because of the people you’re looking for, how many lines do we have Two lines? Where do you put the? If you put like this, put it down, put it down to 50, you take care of these people You take care of him for 3 months to half a year. OK 3 months later After half a year, first, do these people have confidence in the product? Does this person have confidence in you? Because you have Service, right? Third, this person sees 50 people are spending below Sorry 49 people are spending Does he think this business can be done? At this time, it is easier for you to influence him to do it than to ask him to do it in the beginning. So where are the people to be in your organization Already exists if you have been doing it for a while But you didn’t feel it What is the biggest difference between us and others Everyone, we run Atomy outside. When sharing with others, Did you meet a lot of people, they have heard of Atomy But ok but they are no longer members Right, why did these people ever hear of Atomy, but these people are not members now Yes, because some people do n’t work Didn’t do Service, right? I would like to ask everyone today what you will do here. Is there a person or some people? He has been following you up So you sit here, right, so if you do n’t do Follow up Will your people do it here No, so the biggest difference between us and others is service Attentive service This is the most important thing I want to share the importance of service with you Although I ’m not many customers, Who I serve, My leader OK I want to tell you, yesterday you saw this couple, Mina Alan Today they become Master of Starlight. I want to tell you that when I looked for him three years ago, he did n’t do it. OK at that time, he did n’t have to do it, it did n’t matter, he had a shop, so every month I went to his store for tea, he made tea for me. OK Let ’s have tea over there, chat, I ’ll tell him how your organization is going Atomy is coming late, wait, wait, wait After speaking, he did n’t feel, and then said OK, bye, I left. In the second month, I went to see him again. Is Mina free? I will come to you for tea. Excuse me, are you free? Just come and drink tea Three months drinking tea Four months drinking tea Five months drinking tea Six months drinking tea Seven months drinking tea Drinking tea for eight months Can you find someone to drink tea for eight months in a row? He didn’t tell him to do it, can you? I have been looking for him for eight months Time is up, he’s here ok don’t do it at first But I’ll tell you that he won’t do it anymore. Why? Because he has been listening for eight months, so come Boom OK, so how important is service? Let me share with you a recent example. Recently, there was an offline, he told me Jadick, thank you so much It’s because you haven’t given up on us, you have followed us patiently So he has the grade of today, he is not here today, so I will tell you This guy came in early He used to be a diamond master and then disappeared. It has become a master of disappearance, but recently, his organization has become active. I keep reporting good news to him Do you know how long I do n’t know this this apple this tree will bloom and bear fruit But this person has been following me for three years In the last cycle, there were 5 sales masters on the right hand side of the organization. New, suddenly 20 million more sales Everyone, is the service important? Do you know when you will serve 20 million out? I do not know When he told me, I realized that I had been doing this right move. Everyone, I want to tell you about service. I’m hard to tell you, but this thing must be done good or not OK, so what ’s the matter, don’t talk about leaders first, I ’ll talk about customers today, while you are serving customers, Yes, there is a secret called 1 4 7 what is 14 7 Today, you share the product with him. After he bought the product, Tomorrow is the first day, you have to call him OK call him Ask him I ’m not asking how he used it, because it ’s not going to be the first day. Oh the first day was asking if he was useful or not OK on the fourth day, I ’ll ask him again if it ’s useful. Will it work in the morning or at night? Okay ok what was it like on the seventh day Better to find her again Why because if you don’t find him Doing MLM is selling it, and I won’t find me again Really, so are you looking for him? And everyone has a honeymoon for a product This honeymoon period is almost a week This week, if you do n’t take good care of him, Let me tell you, it will be difficult for him to continue Right so what to do on the seventh day The seventh day is best to bring him to the venue Take it to the center or take a day seminar Why because when he used it badly, I heard a lot of people say good at the venue Will he be confident to continue using If he used it well, when he came to the meeting and saw many people use it well, would he be more confident? Yes, so should I bring the venue This is called 1 4 7 But not only 1 4 7 1 4 7 After finishing it, continue to do it OK Service every 7 days How long does it take 7 7 49 days 7 7 49 days will become immortal, not immortal 7 7 49 days it will become an automatic consumer OK? So stick to the service and do the right thing OK a successful system is really important Education Center One Day Seminar Success Academy I can only say that this industry is called Somebody Close Somebody I just told you how to find consumers, right? But I didn’t tell you how to find an operator If you are looking for an operator, you only need to do one thing. Bring over the good consumers OK, let me tell you. The last day seminar was in KL. There is a friend who is my girlfriend’s sister OK after he came, he was Anti MLM, but after he came to listen to the perfect Na share He told me he was going to do Did you think of a boy or a company executive who would burn Mina? I can’t think of it. OK But it was burned so Somebody close somebody today We need to find an operator in Atomy. We need to understand the power of the event. Can i tell you all the secrets of success Finally, I want to ask everyone who is going to be an automated sales master Oh, basically everything. If you want to be an automatic sales master What do we need first? Tell myself I will do it, so everyone, can we shout these words together The first sentence is that I am a master of automatic sales OK Second sentence My monthly income exceeds RM10,000 The third sentence is that I will succeed and will help more When do you start? Immediately, I wish you all become automatic sales masters at Atomy. Thank you

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