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Atlas Week 2020

February 25, 2020

I think that Atlas week is such an
educational opportunity for all SLU students and faculty and staff to kind of delve
into an experience or that isn’t their own lived experience. I’d say my favorite
was the flag parade in which we got to see different cultures walking up and
down campus and it didn’t have to be that you identify with the flag that you
were carrying but rather just recognition and
representation of all different bodies and nations. My best memory of Atlas week
is parade of nations. It shows you’re a unique individual of the countries. You
can you know feel proud of ourselves. I think that Atlas week means that you get
to get a glimpse into different peoples’ cultures or like political
backgrounds but also like real political issues that are happening like all
around the world. Just because you’re at SLU doesn’t mean that you’re not
affected by these issues and that like you get to directly be involved with
like peers who are working to like tackle these issues. This is something
that makes SLU stick out, it makes SLU unique. We can help people to learn much
better and understand more in the SLU community. I think Atlas week gives
you an experience to learn about peoples’ cultures and perspectives very
directly in a way that’s most impactful.

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