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A Day in the Life of Quinnipiac University on a Saturday

December 3, 2019

>>Hey, Bobcat Nation. Have you
ever wondered what a Saturday at Quinnipiac in the fall is like?
Stick around and follow me on this wonderful Saturday to see
what it’s all about in this Quinnipiac Day in the Life. (music) Hey everyone, my name’s Tyler McNeill and I am currently
a junior public relations major in the School of Communications here at Quinnipiac
University. I am also the vice president of membership for the
Student Programming Board, also known as SPB, here on campus. SPB
is a student-run organization where we plan a lot of events on
campus and we program at least two to three events every single
week. One of our big events today is
Fall Fest, and that’s the adventure I’m going to take you
guys on today. (music) Today is our annual fall
concert, titled Fall Fest. We have live artists, free food. It’s an
annual event that happens every autumn here at Quinnipiac. This
is one of the reasons I did join SPB in the very beginning. I
thought the concerts were so interesting. I thought it was
really cool that students actually got to plan them. So, I
wanted to get in on that. And once I was part of this,
everything changed and SPB became a huge part of my life. (music) Here’s the pumpkin for the
mechanical pumpkin, we cannot wait to see students ride it and
so who can survive. Here we are with our donut wall that SPB
made by hand. And here we go as the donut wall is being
brought up for the very first time. Ta-da! We just need the
donuts now. (Music) Right here we have our Fall Fest blankets. They are
portable and waterproof. And right over here, we have piles
and piles of our Fall Fest T-shirts. And our lovely
E-boarder, Annika is wearing one of them with a great ouija board
design on the back. And as you can see, everybody, the stage is
now behind us on the Quad for the first time for Fall Fest. We’re
very excited. We have three incredible bands coming. We have
Cale Dodds, The Sulls, and Those Guys. I’m gonna show you guys
a few more things that are happening around Fall Fest. (music) Fall Fest is officially underway, so let’s check out some
awesome things going on. I am currently on my way to see the caramel apples and
see what it’s all about. (music) Candy apple making is
currently under way. (music) OK, everyone. I am in front of
what I believe may be the coolest food truck that we’ve brought to
campus. It’s called “Emergency!” It’s an ice cream parlor that we
actually get to go in to. (music) I am currently in front of the
mechanical pumpkin that we have. It’s first time we ever brought
something like this to campus with SPB. It’s the most exciting
thing that I think is perfect for Fall Fast and I can’t wait to
ride it. (music) We have an excellent crowd
going and the musical acts are just about to get started, so I’m
gonna go get my spot so we can get a great view of the show. (music) Fall Fest is starting to wind
down with a lot of people already satisfied with all the food
trucks and all the free stuff they’re getting. So, just gonna
sit through Cale, and then we’re gonna get ready for the big
cleanup after. (music) Cale Dodds just finished. So,
it’s officially clean-up time. So, let’s get this Quad cleaned up. (music) We are currently packing up
for Fall Fest. Here is our crowd of helpful volunteers as we are
waiting to load the truck. (music) We have officially wrapped on
Fall Fest, so we are going to get ready for our next event, Food
Frenzy, tonight. (music) I am here in the car with
Jordan in the backseat and Taylor Sniffen, our lovely mainstage
chair. We are currently on our way to Insomnia Cookies in New
Haven to pick up our cookies for Food Frenzy tonight. Food Frenzy is considered one
of our late night events for SPB. A late night event is any event
on a Friday or Saturday that starts at 10 p.m. and goes until
midnight. These events are perfect for students who want to
stay in on the weekends and just have a very relaxing night. These
events can range from food events, to bingos, to game nights. They
can win prizes, get free stuff. Late nights are a great way to
make sure that all students have something to do on the weekends. The cookies are officially
obtained and we are currently heading back to Quinnipiac. (music) Hey, guys. So, we are
officially getting ready for Food Frenzy. We have about five
minutes before doors open, so I’m gonna show you all the things
that we’re gonna be able to serve. Over here, we have a ton
of Insomnia Cookies moderated by Ruby. Here we have the make your
own potato station from Spuds. We have plenty and plenty of Eli’s.
And then, over here we have the big one as this table is covered
with Panera. Our food events such as Food Frenzy can be a lot. It’s
very popular, very intense. So, I’m gonna show you guys what we are
looking at for the line. Our line goes from the start of the lower
cafe and goes down to the post office, so we have a lot of people
going. Our SPB E-boarders and G-board
volunteers are very busy as we have them serving the food, lot
going on. (music) Food Frenzy is officially
over, we are currently cleaning up and then we’re gonna head
back up to York. (music) I had a great time with Fall
Fest and Food Frenzy. It really shows you how much there is to do
here at Quinnipiac during the fall semester. Thank you guys so
much for following me along today and be sure to check out all the
other Quinnipiac Day in the Life videos to see what it’s like to
be a part of Bobcat Nation. Go Bobcats!

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