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A DAY IN THE LIFE AT UNI (before coronavirus) 📚durham university vlog

March 25, 2020

On tonight’s program ladies gentlemen, we have something that’s gonna make you sick Hello there and welcome back to my youtube channel, my name is Jack Edwards And today I thought I would show you a day in the life of a UK university student That’s me. Basically, it is deadline season, which is quite frankly quite a stressful time of year. So What was I gonna say today is Friday today, it’s quite a busy day for me. It is currently at 5 to 8 Oh my god. I need to leave the house now. Really. Anyway, I am basically going to the gym first thing after that I’m going to head to the library until lunch then I have lectures and meeting some admin work some reading to do and then a sign language lesson and then tonight I have a party So I thought today would be a pretty good day to share with you and show you what life is like at Dharma University So let’s head off to the gym Okay, so just wrapped up at the gym and let’s just say that hot knees aren’t interested in telling my legs because they feel like Jelly, anyway, I’m on my way to my college library because I have the key I have the power and I basically unlock it in the morning. So it’s like a volunteering thing I do where I go work for like three hours, but I’m walking along the river park because firstly look at that view That’s insane. This is such an awesome place to walk and secondly sometimes if you get lucky there are dogs on this walk today Disappointing lack of dogs. These are the Durham boat houses that kind of line the river there’s a few more over there because rowing is a massive thing in Durham when I got into Durham one of the things I was most excited about was the fact that I could learn to row and Then the first practice like the trials were at quarter to 6:00 in the a.m. And I was like, no. Thank you So that was the start and end of my rowing career. There you go. That should be me, but I’m too lazy Unfortunately, so this road here is the Bailey and this is where most of the old colleges are. This is my college This is CAF and out there is where I lived in my first year and just slightly down. The road is God’s library Here we are No one man should have all that power So hello MTV and welcome to the library for me volunteering in the library is so beneficial Because I just I’m forced to be in the library for three hours at the start of the day from 9:00 a.m Onwards if I don’t unlock this library, no one can use it So I kind of have to I’d only have to do is set the front desk scan out books when people need them Minimal effort and also most importantly, I’m in charge of the biscuits also The welfare team of my college have put these little notes all around the library as all motivation whilst you’re studying Which I just think is such a nice and wholesome thing. So, yeah, if you ever need a little reminder, there you go After my library shift was over I headed to the JCR to have a packed lunch, which I had leftover from the night before it’s my stir-fry Thanks, then I did some reading in preparation for my lecture which I walked to through Durham it was a pretty rainy day but actually I think the city looks really nice when it rains and the lecture was on the short stories of Raymond Carver Which was really really interesting So back to me in the studio, ok So I’ve just popped home to my humble abode I’ve been doing some admin stuff basically our Landlord just randomly decided to sell the house that we live in so we have a new landlord who wants us to pay rent slightly Differently and it’s all just a bit confusing and so I’m trying to sort that out as well as our electricity and gas bills bills Bills bills, you know all the money just leaving my account slowly So I had all that sort out as well as basically some on the executive committee for TEDx Durham University Which is so exciting and fun. So I am the speaker’s wrapped So I’ve been liaising with the speakers that we’ve got and getting them to come to the conference which is next week now Which is very scary. See I’ve just been sending out some emails And now I’m going to do some tutorial prep or a tutorial I have on Monday next week. It’s on Stevie Smith Who is an incredible poet such a big fan of her work? So yeah, that’s what I’m going to do I’m going to make like Rihanna and what-what-what-what work. I Am so bored. So Yeah, as you can see I have a really healthy relationship with my degree Ferrell third year at University had no right to be this difficult There’s just so much to do all the time. What does that look like product placement? It’s not. I’m just thirsty I’m just prepping for my tutorial. Yeah, that’s it. That’s pretty much what I have to say So this is our drying rack basically with all of the things that we’ve washed up and are drying but the thing that I need at the moment is essentially at the bottom of this Pile so I’m currently debating whether to do a little round of utensil Jenga or just put everyone else is drying away for them Which I think I’m just gonna have to do so it’s success. This is the bit that I needed it’s basically an attachment to a handheld blender and I’m using this because I’m going to make a Protein shake with like loads of calories since bring my calories for the day up to do that I basically use two scoops of fuel I use the chocolate flavor So kind of tastes like a milkshake and not grim four scoops though It’s kind of like a horse a little bit of honey a little bit of water. And then now even though I am like low-key Lactose intolerant sometimes sacrifices have to be made, you know Also, I bought this the other day and it was it was full obviously and I have the top shelf of our fridge So I put it on my shelf like this and over the course of the night It just trickled down all in the fridge and that’s how much milk came out of it So that was a really fun that starts my day to be honest with you This almost always causes disasters basically out kind of I’ve kind of nailed it now But the first time I tried to make one of these shakes I was actually vlogging but I never uploaded the video But this is kind of this is what happened I’m really confused because it’s like open so if I put this in and blend surely everything is going to fly off of me. Oh Yeah, Lisa, what is the bigger button dude I Don’t know what I was expecting to happen, but maybe I meant to put it in the front oh My god So yeah, we really aren’t here putting the fun in fundamentally incapable so what I’ve learnt since then is that you put this in all the way and then Perfecto. So basically now I’m going to head off to my sign language lesson at the beginning of this academic year I decided that I wanted to try a new skill and Sign language is something has always been so appealing to me so through the Durham University sign language Society I do a two-hour lesson every single week for sex. So that is what I’m going to go Do I then walked to my sign language lesson which was at the darn Students Union I couldn’t refill much but it was on holidays So I just got back from my sign language lesson today We were doing about holidays and the sign language for the word holidays is like this which I personally really enjoy We were learning how to sign the names of different countries like Ireland Spain France is the real highlight. It’s like And I just think that reminds me of like a year 7 profile pic. I really love learning sign language or should I say? BSL sign language it’s like so rewarding and it’s the last thing I do before the weekend and I feel like it’s just ends the Week on a good note, you know speaking of which tonight. I’m heading to you a party I think I’m probably gonna end up robbing because It’d really be like that sometimes you know, so yeah, that is the plan just gonna do a little bit more reading This is the book that I’m reading at the moment. So we’re cooking dinner And basically I was about to go to Tesco and I said to my flatmate Well, I’m basking Sasuke to buy some sausages because I wanna make sausage a match I don’t have sausages and he was about to meets Monster Mash and about goods Tesco because it didn’t have potato will blow How convenient is that? We’ve joined forces and we’re making sausage mash sausage and smashed it So It’s the next day now Yesterday I ended up going clubbing who’s surprised not me. It was a really good night, though. I had a good time I didn’t end the video for everyone’s benefit because I was drunk and that would have just been an absolute car crash So, you’re welcome that that didn’t happen there are two weeks left of terminal which are going to be absolutely grim because it is just deadline season the so many essays to you our Dissertation as well, which I need to get cracking with. So I’ll be trying to blogger as much as possible I’m continuing to show my university journey But for now, this has been a classic day in my life at Durham as a third-year English student Wow I nearly got through a whole video without mentioning the fact I’m an English student and then right right the final moment I got sure somehow I just always managed to squeeze it in It’s kind of becoming like a running joke now did I mention of an English student? Thank you so so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it Give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more from me also I will leave my book pre-order link in that the description and in the comments down below which is still just Mad to me, but if you would like to preorder my book, then it’s the University Survival Guide is coming out in August and it’s just a dream come true So once again, thank you so much for spending the day with me and I will see you next time. Bye. Bye In case I don’t see ya good afternoon good evening and good night


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