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30 BACK TO SCHOOL OUTFITS to help you survive the school year

October 26, 2019

Hey guys and happy back-to-school season, everybody’s favorite time of year. Uuuh…good one Ashley, good one. Whether you’re excited to go back to school or dreading it, here are 30 back-to-school outfits I put together for you guys. I did really try to make them casual and actually wearable for school and also within a dress code if you guys have one. So yeah, let’s get into the video. So we’re starting out plain and simple with jeans and a t-shirt. You pretty much can’t go wrong if you match your t-shirt with your shoes. So I went for a black van tee and some black block boots. Gosh, that is too many b’s. And now I look ready to become the honorary 4th HAIM sister. Which is really my main goal in adult life. To make this outfit cozier I’m adding an oversized denim jacket I thrifted and some green high tops for a pop of color. I like this outfit personally because it low-key looks like something that the type of guy I would have a crush on in class would wear. God that is truly a whole new level of single. When you have to dress up as your imaginary crush in a YouTube video. Mmm, anyways, recently I got these corduroy bell-bottoms and they are fucking majestic. It’s like having a built-in couch on your legs and it is amazing. I added these 90s inspired platforms that are surprisingly really comfortable to complete ma funky and spunky look. Speaking of bell-bottoms: Here’s an alternative outfit with the same silhouette. That makes me feel like a substitute teacher. But like in a hot way. Also my legs look super long and for once it is not entirely because of my wide angle lens. For a comfier option I swapped out my jeans for some plaid pants and went back to my converse. A pro tip, if you like being comfortable like literally every human ever, is to get yourself some of these flowy pants because they look tailored, but in reality, they feel like pajama pants. On top I threw on an oversized button up I thrifted from the men’s section and left open is like this pseudo jacket situation It kind of looks like one of the smocks your art teacher would make you wear when your oil painting but like a ~fashionable~ smock. All black is a really simple way to make a basic outfit look more put together. For shoes I opted for my platform docs to add a little bit of personality to an otherwise pretty simple outfit. Oh boy, bet you didn’t think you’d be seeing overalls in 20-fuckin’19. These were so trendy when I was younger and I spent like all of high school trying to figure out how to wear them without looking like a farmer. Finally like this year, I got these black ones which are minimally hillbilly-y and I paired them with a leopard turtleneck for a funky little pop of pattern. Do you have a dress like this that you love but thanks to outdated patriarchal standards aren’t allowed to expose a part of your body that literally has no sexual function whatsoever? Yeah, if you get dress coded for spaghetti straps, then go for the tried and true method of layering a t-shirt underneath. I thought this mesh one added a really cool texture and then I finished off this goth girlfriend look with my platform docs. For a chiller option I went for a plain white t-shirt and then popped my oversized denim jacket on top. And for my final look with this dress I styled it in more of a preppy way with this cozy corduroy jacket and some loafers. And also I’m just like in love with this corduroy jacket because A it’s corduroy and I love corduroy and B it is so oversized, it’s basically like a glorified Snuggie. I swapped out the dress for a tank top and loose vintage shorts for a more casual look. I actually wear this outfit a lot while I’m running errands around LA and I like how grounded and almost like old-school Indiana Jones it feels Back when I was in high school, back in yee oldie days, people would make fun of you for wearing an oversized t-shirt because it looked like you forgot to wear pants. But recently like this seems to be the cool thing with the kiddos these days. So here I styled a black graphic tee with some witchy boots. For a little bit more dimension layered this longsleeve underneath. This outfit is actually inspired by Ellie Thumann. I saw her wear something really similar on her Instagram, so I wanted to recreate it Who wore it better? Definitely Ellie but I tried. If you’re not a fan of the pantsless look this outfit also works with some black jeans layered on top I like how it’s quite a statement, even though all the pieces individually are pretty basic. Here’s another quick outfit with an oversized t-shirt. This is literally my pajama t-shirt but as long as you add some structured boots and an oversized jacket, it looks almost convincingly like a real outfit. This is my current favorite sweater. I like stripy sweaters because it kind of does the work of creating an interesting outfit for you. And then all you have to do is pair it with some plain bottoms and shoes. These shorts are also corduroy, by the way, in case you are wondering My corduroy obsession is a little bit out of control right now. To dress up a simple dress I added a vintage cardigan and some pointed heels for a very like chic fifties churchgoer type look. This might be a cute option for the first day of school or when you feel like dressing up a little bit. Which for me in high school was like every day because I was extra as hell. I took this fuzzy cardigan and tied it around my waist and also added my platform docs for this funky 90s inspired look. This is also perfect if your dress is a bit loose around the waist because the cardigan or flannel or whatever you want to tie it around your waist cinches it in and acts like kind of a giant fabric belt. Recently I’ve been seeing people rock this long straight leg jean look Like before everything was cropped around the ankle but now people are getting a little adventurous and lo and behold covering up the ankle. *dramatic music* Um anyways, I know not every school will let you show your shoulders so this outfit would also look cute with a white graphic tee or a 90’s inspired baby tee like this one. In college, I was always looking for an excuse to wear sweatshirts out of the house, so I came up with this outfit. I thrifted a basic sweatshirt and then cut off the bottom with scissors to make it cropped and I paired it with some high-waisted jeans and some funky heart socks to make the outfit look a little bit less basic. For something more girly I swapped out my jeans for a floral wrap skirt that’s still really comfortable because of the adjustable waist and pop balance of (?) loafers for a preppy touch Here’s another simple option with that same skirt. I went for a black t-shirt, tucked it in and added these fabulously hideous platform Dr. Martin sandals. To turn this summery outfit into something more fall appropriate I threw on my trusty denim jacket that you’re probably tired of seeing at this point it’s been in like every outfit and I swapped out my sandals for my favorite ankle boots. And my final option with this skirt, I swear, I went with a chunky knit sweater and white platform docs to fulfill my 2012 tumblr girl dreams Seriously, this is like what every single photo I’ve reblogged look like back in the day. But hey, I think it’s still pretty cute in 2019. Instead of wearing a hoodie try an equally comfortable quarter-zip. This one is from Urban Outfitters but you can always always find them in the men’s section of the thrift store. Just make sure to tuck in the front to some high-waisted jeans so you don’t lose your waist. Next I’m going for something a little bit more colorful. I have this lavender sweater and I threw on some matching heels to dress it up a little bit I feel very ladylike but still really comfortable and cozy. Midi skirts are the perfect solution if you want something girly but also modest. I tied my sweater in the front into this kind of Bulbous shape so that it would look more cropped and added some chunky sneakers to keep everything casual. Here’s the same thing but with a t-shirt, I really like the ruching detail on this one but of course if you aren’t allowed to show your midriff at school this would also look great with a regular t-shirt tucked into the skirt. White jeans are a great option if you’re a little bored of the typical jeans and t-shirt look. I personally like wearing them with pastel t-shirts for a summery color palette. And for my final look I’m popping on this super fuzzy sweater All white outfits not only look more put together than just any sweatshirt and jeans combo. But also aggressively asserts to your peers that you’re not currently on your period Ironically I actually was on my period while filming this so *smacks lips* Now this is weird. You didn’t need to know that. I’m probably still gonna put in the video though. Thanks for watching. I’m gonna go a bleed out of my uterus now.


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