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19-20 IMMS Learning Walk Video

February 14, 2020

[Cheering] This year we thought it was important
for us to build with purpose for the future. We understand that before any
edifice, any building, any dreams, or visions can be built you have to lay a
foundation. So at the very beginning of the year that’s exactly what we did. we refined our vision, our mission, and we used those to establish our core beliefs. [instrumental music] we believe in creating an innovative and safe learning environment [Instrumental music] For instance like being a one to one campus. The kids have computers. Not only do they have computers they have access to the Wi-Fi at home like nobody… nobody’s offering that. so what technology and innovation in the classroom means to me is using different software programs and finding different ways to keep students engaged and in
control of their own learning. So that’s why I use technologies like Nearpod and
things of that nature to make sure that we can extend learning a lot further
than say a textbook or worksheet can. Well we’re ensuring that our students have IDs. I mean sometimes our eighth graders look like adults. So we want to make sure everybody that is on campus belongs on campus. We believe that collaboration strengthens a positive culture. Here at IMMS our core content teachers
participate in a daily PLC focused on growth through collaboration. During this
time teachers design lessons, explore best practices, and brainstorm solutions
to learning challenges. Teachers work together to improve teaching skills,
enhance student academic performance, and develop a positive campus culture. We believe in voice and a choice. Everything in the library; we do have a
library Club. I try to get the students input on everything. Even the playlists
for music in the background where they can upload their choices, we’re gonna
make sure they’re clean choices, and we’re going to make playlists. Also my
students help choose the books. My students help with the book fair.
They designed displays. you know the kids are involved and that’s the way it should be. The library club is a club full of people who care about the library. They help organize events such as the haunted library. The book fair. Yes. We believe in cultivating a growth mindset. For instance this year with our building,
we’ve had some you know some things where teachers had to move classrooms
be in different areas. They’re closing certain parts of our building opening
other parts of our building and without a growth mindset this could easily
distract you know those that are here, but our staff and our students have
handled that with the perfect growth mindset it’s just a little speed bump
along the way and they’ve just continued on with you know their goals and
responsibilities that they want to accomplish this year. It means to like
not bring yourself down, and make sure you’re positive about all things. Like have a goal or just try to be more positive. And we believe in fostering social responsibility. Hi, I’m Judy Pastusek
and, I’m one of the counselors here at Irma Marsh Middle school and we make up the care team. So one of the things that, as counselors, that Mr. Riewe and I go into the classrooms, and we give guidance lessons We also have the students take
a deeper look into their social media usage, and we talk about the pros and
cons of all the apps they have downloaded. Part of my job is really
empowering our kids to work through their problems, learn how to cope, as well
as how to help other students. I-M-M-S Building with purpose for the future!

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