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上學用品~買東西挑戰!最低價格的勝利~Back To School Challenge!

February 15, 2020

Hi everyone! Welcome to Jo Channel! Today, Jo Channel’s going to buy… school supplies!
(School Supplies) Actually, this’s a challenge too. What? To conclude, whoever spent
the least will win the game! – Are you able to do it?
– Let me consider it first. – Let’s go.
– Let’s depart! This is our shopping list. Each of you needs to buy these items. So, you have only an hour. Ready, go! Here are the trolleys. Please bear in mind that the winner
is whoever spends the least money. Keep it up! (Hehe) This pencil box is so pretty. Which one should I choose? The one you prefer is more expensive.
It’s around RM30. RM19. Oh no! Alright then, I’ll take this. Sure. (I don’t like them.) Jonnes. Come and look
the school bag you might want! No! Janna, how’s it going?
Have you found anything yet? Barbie! Do you like Barbie? I would just take this bag. Okay. Wah, this is so big!
(So big~) How much is it? I don’t want. This is normal price for a school bag. (Worry) I’ll take it then. You’ll take it? Okay okay. Alright. You buy a bag! Pencil box with spiderman? Yes, how much is it? Colored pencil case! Faber-Castell! Looks cool. I am taking the thing on her head. She wants the crown. I want this. Janna wants this too? I want the eraser with animal. Sure, take it then. The knight. I want this. I want this! I want this! There are only 15 minutes left. Papa Chu, you are here to accompany them. So, I can’t buy anything? This looks interesting! This will be the prize then. That’s right! They’re here. We want to buy this. Sure, no problem. – Well, let’s go there to shop.
– Okay. What’s up? I want to buy this! But how about… your challenge? She ignored it! Wow, Janna! This looks nice. Wow, this is very pretty! Oh, no! Papa Chu, she doesn’t care
about the challenge too. Water bottle and… Water bottle and lunch box. Wow, this is very cost-effective. I found it! Alright, let’s see what school supplies
did you guys buy? Okay! These are the school
supplies that I bought. These are what Janna bought! So many stuffs! These belong to Joyann. Alright, who spent the most? – Joyann!
– Okay! The one who spent the most
in this challenge is: Joyann! So, the winner goes to… Janna. Jonnes! So, Janna is the first runner up. Jonnes’s the champion! This is the prize for champion, Jonnes! And the prize I bought just now! Jonnes, which one would you choose? – How about the girl?
– No. Girl? Where’s the girl? – Yes. There are girls at the back.
– Yeah, it’s true. There’re so many colors! I like the most! There’re 3 persons at first. Now, there’re 4 persons doing this. Mama Chu, comes and color it too. No way, there’s no space for me. Alright, it’s done! Done! Let’s look at Jonnes’s knight. Wow, it becomes 3D! So cute! It seems real. And we can use the horse
you drew to play game If you like us,
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